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In the following tutorial we would like to show how you can map decals and sponsor stickers in Cinema 4D R8.5

Mapping a decal on the hood

We start with creating a new material. Open the material editor with a doubleclick on the new material. Rename the Material in "decal" and activate the color channel. Select a red color and turn the brightness to 100%. The next step is to activate the reflection channel. Turn the brightness to 23 %.


Now we activate the Alpha Channel. Load with a klick on the "..."-Button next to the "x Texture" the decal file in the texture channel. In Addition select invert, graphics/tut_black_image Alpha and Premultiplied. Switch den sampling to MIP and turn the Blur Scale to -100%. Activate the Specular channel and choose the settings as shown in the following screenshot:


The Decal Material is finished now.Close the material editor and assign the decal material to the hood in the objectmanager.

Click on the texture tag and change in the tag settings the projection to flat. Disable "Tile". Next we place the decal texture on the hood. For that we select in the tool bar "texture axis tool" and the "rotate active element" button. Rotate the texture as follows:
Y axis: 90° / Z axis: -90°


Change to topview.


Select "texture" > "Fit to object" in the object manager. This will automatically move the texture on the hood and scale it in the hood's size.


Thats it. If everything worked right the render should look like the following screenshot:


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