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Making Of 'Shadow Conscious'

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Date Added: 16th June 2009
Software used:

Here is a small tip: You can clone you colour texture a few time and make a slight colour hue variations on each duplicate, then using the eraser tool or masks, you can manipulate between them, this will give a natural look of capillary blood in the skin. I've added some noisy masks and here is what I've got.

On the eye texture, you need to have some good references, in order to see how it looks. If you have a camera you can take an image of your own eye. I've used a lot of the smudge tool here as well as using some noisy textures and gradients. There is a good tutorial written by Krishnamurti M. Costa (which is by the way here somewhere in the of how to make a realistic eye.

After I finished my textures, I began to piece everything together by added the dress and earrings. The dress was made using Simcloth for simulation and then I tweaked manually.

When it comes to lighting the scene, I started to play with the lights and also the rendering setup. I've put 3 photometric omni lights as you see in the image, then added the environmental sphere and a plane below to bounce the GI and to control the overall lighting colour. In the mental ray rendering section, I turned on Global Illumination and Final Gather.


I've started to configure my skin shader and tweak everything around. It's better to start to configure your skin shader without any textures applied as you will be able to see how the light scatters on the model. Here is the image without any textures.


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Nathan on Sun, 06 October 2013 2:34am
Can you send me a copy of the max file to learn from
Danilo on Tue, 18 October 2011 2:39am
Amazing work. Congratulations.
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