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Maxwell Tutorial

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Date Added: 16th June 2009
Software used:

Step 2

Now time for the materials. I shall discuss in detail how I created the most important texture of the scene, the fire truck's bodywork. I used a custom MXM tag and created 3 BSDF layers. The first one was for the paint work, the second was for the paint works gloss and the third was for the metal work underneath the paint work. I used an alpha map on the layer settings, this allowed me to paint where the metal would show through. you can see this on the picture below. notice how I inverted the alpha map on the 3rd layer so that the metal only showed on those white parts. This was also the case on the rear of the truck.

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Image 6 - Click to Enlarge
Image 5 - Click to Enlarge

Basic run down on the other materials used. The background cube used a plastic tag, with a reflectance colour of 214,214,214. The spec colour was 41,41,41 and the toughness of 86. For all the metal work I used a Maxwell metal tag. This was set as Aluminium with a roughness of 24.52. On the metal floor I added a check plate (slightly blurred) bump map to the maxwell tag. This was done by mapping the floor with a c4d material that contained the check plate bump which was then set to 39%. I then dragged that to the maxwell tag that was on the floor. For the rest of the black plastic I used a custom MXM with two BSDF layers, one set to 80% and the second to 20%. The first was for the colour, ie. black. The second one was for the glossyness of the material and that was set to reflectance(0o) 135,135,135. the (90o) was set to white. The transmittance to black. The Nd was set to 20 and the roughness to 15. Thats basically all the textures sorted.

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