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Making Of 'The Basketball Player'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

I proceed to paint a darker shade to cut out breast parts, seam lines and seam tension.

I have painted the blue trimmings in exactly the same way.

Check out those seam lines.

The trick is to subtly suggest the detail. Too much texturing on a flat surface will deliver diminishing returns. That is why some characters in some games look like they have been 'painted on'. Carefully balance suggestion with detail. Preview the texture on the character to determine if your works. Excessive work tends to stretch on the model. An accumulation of overwork will make your work look amateurish.

I have blocked out the base colours for the other parts. Naturally, I should move on to the shorts. Instead, I will do the jersey number, just to keep myself fresh.


How I did the Text

I am aware of two methods. The first is to create text in Photoshop, the second is to create it in a 3D program.

Creating text for our style in Photoshop

Our text would be quite simple, as it is not supported by geometry in our model. With the use of Layer styles we will subtly apply bevel, Embossing and Drop Shadow to imply a raised surface. Too much detail will look wrong without support from geometry.

I make a copy of my text, which now contains graduated tone to simulate lighting (lighter at the top), it is then rasterised. The rasterised copy is turned into an overlay layer, beveled and embossed. Remember to adjust the shadow mode colour.

The rasterised layer is duplicated. A double layer creates an intense/saturated tone.

Select the text and stroke it on a third layer.

Turn the layer into an overlay layer in the blender mode

Then double it. You may need to adjust the colours in the colour adjust menu.


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