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Cloth Simulation: Controlling it with Weight Maps

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

We are now going to test our weight maps on the cloth now. And the cool thing about this is that, you can have the maps connected, paint them, and watch the effects after re-simulating. So, with your cloth op pop up open, let's start with the Initial Tension. I set it to 80 percent on my model but you can have it set to whatever you want, the weight map will work on it regardless. Right click on the plug, and select "connect". Then a list will pop up next to the plug. Select the weight map called "Tension Stress" and click it; the plug will now turn red to indicate connection. Do the same thing for Shear and Bend with their appropriate weight maps.


If you have gotten this far in the process you are doing a great job. J Now play the simulation again and the result will be different...notice how the top part of the dress is tightly relaxed on the character because of the weight map. What happens is, when the weight is set to 1 (light blue) the simulation will take that into account, and when the weight is set to 0 (black) the parameters are ignored. If you painted negative weight, it will be as if the setting was set to negative, like it will make the object very bendy or super stretchy. In between values (can be achieved by smoothing the weight maps) will weaken the parameters such as wanting to created a nice sundress or flowing skirt.

And the Initial Tension set lower...let's say 12%. Notice how the effect is barely noticeable but the weight map will affect it in some way. Same goes for the shear and bend.

So, I hope this tutorial was useful in some way, and even those who have done cloth sim before, this will hopefully add some reference when you want to do cloth sim with weight maps in XSI. Thank you very much for reading my tutorial and happy simulating.

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