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4. Now, go to something like and get some grunge textures. Add this as an overlay and again, play with the settings so that it doesn't look like crap. Here's what I got so far (the left side kinda messed up, don't ask me why :P).

5. After playing around, I ended up with this, I don't think it looks to bad but it will do for this tutorial :). Again, if you have any tutorials about this kind of stuff, please send it to me, I'd really like to learn new ways of doing things.

6. And here's how my texture looks after some time:

I worked on layers so that I could always select the shape of my leave, and by doing that, I created the alpha. Just select the shape of it and color it all white.Now select inverse and color that totally black. That is your alpha map :).

3DS MAX part

1. Create a plane and give it 1 length segments and 1 width segments. Hit "m", this will open up the material editor. Click on the first ball and scroll down to maps. Click on the NONE button for the diffuse map and select bitmap.Now navigate to your texture file and select it. Do the same for the opacity map and select your alpha map now.
Also right click on your model and select properties.In there click on the backface cull box.


2. Go to Modifiers-->Uv Coordinates-->Unwrap UVW.Now make your plane cover your texture correctly. Make sure there is no stretching. Also scale the model, if you cant fix the stretching in the uv map.


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