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Making Of 'Dream'

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Date Added: 20th September 2010
Software used:
Foreground Stage
This stage was the glory stage, where it all started to get cleaned up and things went by really fast. Actually, things went by slowly, but at this stage I was so into the piece that a lot got done before I eased up from the image. At this point in the stages of progression, I took huge visual jumps, but it was just a matter of continuing the process of experimenting and working things until they felt right. I started to solidify the figure by adding more visual interest, introducing depth to pull the figure out from the background and also adding volume to the figure itself. At this point, I focused on the balance of colour, introducing more blue into the upper portion of the image, starting the transition from the warms to the cools

Fig. 41

I then arrived at the tedious part of the process, where I started to clean up - but it was oh so much fun! For the edges, I used a Cover Pencil (Fig.42). This is my tool of choice for cleaning up edges which I don't actually want to be razor sharp, but yet very tight. Using the Scratchboard tool (Fig.43) - one of my favourite tools - I continued adding detail to the image, whilst simultaneously cleaning up using its razor sharp lines and large line variance ability. The Scratchboard tool has the ability to add that very clean vector line quality to the image, with the advantage of it being a freehand tool. I continued to add subtle details all over the image, enhancing the curves of the body using the Pattern Chalk, and continuing to refine the edges with the Scratchboard tool. I spent time making sure the face was correct, and after mirroring the image a few times I found the line I needed and finalise the face (Fig.44 - Fig.46).

Fig. 42

Fig. 43

Fig. 44

Fig. 45

Fig. 46

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Rls on Thu, 16 September 2010 1:04pm
Amazing. I like your work for this picture. Thx to share your creative process.
Collin on Thu, 16 September 2010 12:36pm
easy youth with your killer art work keep it up bro
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