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After adjusting the channels, adjust the colour of the leaves to get the effect shown in Fig.08.

Fig. 08

Use the same method to do the textures of the trunk and branches. The texture has UV itself, and is circular, so adjust the cycle accordingly (Fig.09).

Fig. 09

A circular texture is a seamless texture that is circular in the upper and lower, left and right parts. We can use the "filter-translate" option of Photoshop to create a circular texture (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

As the density of the leaves on the Banyan tree don't really match up with the requirements for this piece, let's copy the tree twice. Hide the trunks of the two extra trees and rotate them to different angles. This should leave you with the true that we need for this image (Fig.11).

Fig. 11

Here's what the tree should look like after primary rendering (Fig.12).

Fig. 12

The next step is to add details to the earth table. Draw an alpha texture of grass. The method here is same as for the leaves, only this time put the circular texture on a different "plane". The colour texture is the same as for the leaves too, and use colour in place temporarily. (What you should notice is that the contour should be pure black, and there should be a black border where grass connects with the ground, otherwise there will be sampling mistake) (Fig.13).

Fig. 13

Arrange the "planes" in a picturesque disordered sector, and grassland appears when the camera is shifted to a nearly straight angle (Fig.14).

Fig. 14

To make the image richer, add some stones on the earth table, set up an Omni light at the root of the tree as the main light source, and set up a Skylight as the secondary light source. Select Mental Ray, open global lighting, and render to get the effect shown in Fig.15.

Fig. 15

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