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Lighting Basics

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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4.To understand it more clearly lets paint the room with all pure bright Green color.

Does it look natural? NO

We know that some part of light is directly in contact with that ground, it comes back, bounces, just like a ball falling from a height. As the bounce of the ball decreases in the height per contact with the ground so does it's! [Lights] its intensity is decreased per contact.

That's the bounce of the light and its will be getting bit of green 9as the floor is green, so some green will merge to blue and produce a color somewhere between them.

e.light bounce (so we can see the other side of the object as well with only one light)
[The bounce light will be from the brightest part of the ground, not from the shadow side]

5. We claim to say that this is plastic, metal, rubber! How we say so, nature of the object in terms of visual form, is due to its reflective behavior. Explore this topic it's got its own dimensions


6. Okay now let's take some more earthly colors and see the results. Change the light placement take it to the top of object, take it to the right side.


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