'3D Studio Max'

'Creating a Weighted Companion using 3ds Max'

by Travis Williams

Software Used :

3ds Max

An in-depth tutorial about how to create the Weighted Companion cube featured in Valveā€™s game Portal using Autodesk 3D Studio Max.

Using a series of techniques I demonstrate how to model, unwrap and texture the Weighted Companion cube resulting in a Low-Poly but high quality model.

This tutorial is aimed at beginners, but I would encourage graphic artists of any level to watch as you may learn something new.

This tutorial is for training and educational purposes only. Please do not reproduce without written permission.


Part 1 :

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Tolan on Sat, 04 September 2010 2:04pm

I have been unable to see these embedded QT videos... I've tried DLing them directly and get just an image.. Downloand links used to be put up on these tutorials and I was able to watch from those. Please start putting them back with the videos. I'm sure they're good tuts and I'd like to see them.
Travis Williams on Sat, 04 September 2010 10:47pm

I have not been able to watch these either. There is a non-QT version on my website (see above link) which should load just fine.
Tolan on Mon, 06 September 2010 12:56am

Thanks. I appreciate that.
Asem on Mon, 06 September 2010 2:14pm

the videos are not playing, lets hope for a fast fix :)
Sanna on Mon, 20 September 2010 11:18am

Guys, they start playing for me after they've completely finished loading. Give it a while?
Wolfos on Thu, 14 October 2010 4:06pm

Well, it works for me.
Just download Quicktime player and SHWOOOOO!
Ronit SHarma on Thu, 14 July 2011 10:11am

hi i m ronit shar and intersted to learn animation i saw your site that is really very nice i like

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