'3D Studio Max'

Making of 'Classic Living Room' - Using 3DTotal Textures

by Roger Vilà Castañé


I found it somewhat difficult to hit on all the right textures at first because I wanted the room to look stylish and so everything had to be perfect. I learned how to properly use the UVW mapping modifiers, the famous and tedious Unwrap UVW and Vray2SidedMtl for the curtains.

For most of the objects, it only took correctly putting in the UVW mapping coordinates. With Unwrap UVW I unwrapped about 30 objects, including paintings, mirrors and a photo frame, using the fantastic Unfold mapping option.

Then I added a checker material and regulated the UVW mapping coordinates. And once textured in Photoshop, I applied the final texture.

I used V-Ray materials for all the objects, using diffuse, bump and some specular layers for items like the parquet floor.

For texturing I used the 3DTotal Textures collection (Fig.04 – 09).








Some of the materials used were created based on the parameters of various materials that I saw on this website: http://www.vray-materials.de  and I recommend this as a good resource.

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