'3D Studio Max'

Making Of 'Heading South'

by Olivier Vernay-Kim

Software Used :

3ds Max 2010, Mental Ray, Photoshop and Terragen 2.

Introduction :

This image was originally an environment I made for a Fable 2 cinematic shot at Blur Studio. I really liked the subject of a peaceful winter scene in the countryside, so later I decided to take the project a bit further by adding more details and atmosphere. It was also a good exercise for snow modeling. My goal was not to make an ultra realistic image, but rather giving it an illustration look that suits to the subject.

Concept & Refrences :

For this project I had a concept design, which roughly gave me the composition of the image (Fig.01).


From this point I gathered some references of a typical countryside: trees, fences, mud paths, preferably snow covered (Fig.02). The image was supposed to be in medieval times, so modern structures like electric poles were prohibited.



Modeling :

The environment is divided in three distinct parts: foreground with the muddy path and detailed trees, midground with the farm and mud path continuation, then background with distant hills and mountains. This way it was really easy to manage the level of details according to the distance from the camera (Fig.03).


The ground consists of one plane with both the ground itself and the snow layer integrated in the modeling. It was more difficult to change the snow distribution this way, but it allowed better control of the snow/mud transition when texturing.

At first I roughly modeled the snow using the Paint Deformation tool in Editable Poly. Then, satisfied with the basic shapes, I added a lot of details simply by using a Displacement map on top of the original modeling (Fig.04).


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SuperHero on Mon, 26 July 2010 2:35pm

Really loved the image and tutorial indeed. thx a bunch for the effort you put into making this tutorial :)
Neutrino (Forums) on Tue, 27 July 2010 8:52am

Great tutorial! Large amount of work and awesome result!Thank you :) it was useful for me
Neutrino (Forums) on Tue, 27 July 2010 8:52am

Great tutorial! Large amount of work and awesome result!Thank you :) it was useful for me
Neutrino (Forums) on Tue, 27 July 2010 8:52am

Great tutorial! Large amount of work and awesome result!Thank you :) it was useful for me
Girish on Wed, 28 July 2010 4:08pm

Fabulous. I remember seeing this long back (if am not wrong).

One of the best tuts I have seen.
Layth on Fri, 30 July 2010 7:46am

amazing work .. thank you for sharing
Catur on Sat, 07 August 2010 4:07am

great tutorial thanks d the shared
FFFFF on Sun, 12 September 2010 8:32am

Awesome :)
Amitabh Gogoi on Mon, 06 December 2010 4:48pm

Thanx for the tutorial. Sir, please help me for interior lighting in vray...
Kazmohdim on Sun, 23 January 2011 12:43am

This is so useful. For my demo reel I was doing a medieval tavern and was going to do an English Country Side setting to place it in. The muddy road tutorial helps a lot. Thanks :D
Antonis on Thu, 27 October 2011 11:01pm

Amazing work and also great tutorial.Thank you!
Leviathansh on Fri, 21 September 2012 4:07pm

Love it :) What is your machine Spec?
Robert Kabwe on Wed, 12 June 2013 1:59am

This is one of my favorite scenes in games - a very magical moment, thanks for sharing how it's made

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