'3D Studio Max'

Making Of 'Getty'

by Jan K. Vollmer

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Software Used :

3ds Max 2009, VRay 1.5 & Photoshop

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I wanted to create an interior scene of the world famous Getty Center. The straight architecture of that center fascinated me, so I started with the simple modeling of the room. It had to be a tall room with a lot of space. I also wanted to have no direct sun light, so I ending up using the VRay Sky for the lightning and some IES lights for the spots and VRay mesh lights for the wire lamp, but I’ll by talking more about that later.

I modeled the room with box modeling and the boolean function to create the typical round windows. The sofa is a pretty easy box model with some extra boxes for the legs and the lamp is made with splines, which took me a while to adjust. I also made huge doorways to receive more light from outside and that was everything in the room (Fig.01)!

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When everything was modeled, I started to set up several VRay physical cameras and decided to use this straight perspective (Fig.02).

getty, centre, jan, k, vollmer, modeling, scene,


Because of the lack of light inside the room, I took a very low F-number of 3.6, a shutter speed of 200 and a film speed of 100. Of course, I did that also because of the depth of field! To get a good depth you need a lower F-Stop.

I also had to adjust the vertical shift to get the straight architectural lines of the building really straight.

Now one of the most important things of any illustration is good textures. This image has been textured with textures from the 3DTotal Textures collection, which are great and really allowed me to recreate the look and feel of the Getty building.

Total Textures :

3dtotals, total, textures, collection,v1,v2,v3,v4,v5,v6,v7,v8,v9,v10,v11,v12,v13,v14,v15,v16,v17,v18,v19,

3dtotal, total, textures,v2, aged, and, stressed, 3dtotals, total,textures,v6,clean,textures, 3dtotals,total,textures,v16,architectual,showroom,

I started with the marble-stone floor, for which I used “Stone_14” from
Total Textures V16 – Architectural Showroom
. I wanted really soft reflection and a strong bump effect to create a “used” look (Fig.03). So I adjusted the contrast to get more depth in the original maps and for the gaps between the big tiles I added a black boarder in the diffuse, bump and specular texture.
I repeated the UVW map to get a nice structure and good tiles on the floor.

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