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Making Of 'The Peacock'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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With this tutorial, I will try to give you a brief glimpse into my painting process and I hope it might also help and inspire you.

The picture " The Peacock " has been painted in Photoshop.

For a first impression how the picture should look like at the end, I sketched several rough drafts. I had a look at some photographs for the peacock and also outlined a few scribbles. I love white peacocks; I think they are a lot more beautiful than the ' normal ' coloured ones.

At the beginning, Violet had violet eyes (hence the name), but that seemed too stereotyped to me that ' s why I decided to colour them green. In my opinion, it also illustrates her true character a good deal better.

I only had a vague idea in the first place how the dress should finally look like, a little bit Spanish, somewhat baroque, modelled on those old paintings, pompous, and aligned with the peacock. The final ideas for the design of clothes (no matter which picture) strangely enough just come along during the actual process of painting. In so far, the grey-sketch really was only a very rough first draft.

For the next step I drew the raw outlines for the picture and defined the fundamental colours from which I wanted to start. This also were just rough reference points. I opted for a red- and green-keyed basic effect (sometimes you achieve amazing colour effects when you overlay different layers). To prevent the whole picture from getting too dark, I contrasted those with lighter shades of blue and white respectively.

I restrain from using pure white as well as pure black (I prefer dark blue or violet) as they often give a picture an appeal of inanimateness. I also rarely use a white background, but colour it in advance so I can work from darker colours into lighter ones. For me this is more effective and I achieve better results with it, but that is an individual decision and might not work for everyone.

The outlines are kept as an own layer during the whole process of painting so I can easily check if I ' m still on the right track. In addition, I tend to merge colours frenziedly and start to colour in an unclean way. It is very helpful at this point if you can simply shut single layers or erase without having to care about accidentally erasing important outlines.



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