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Making Of 'Hecate'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


Then I paint the mist in background. My technique of painting uses Photoshop's brush called "Airbrush Soft Round 17" (Fig07), with which I paint blue, using different shades and tones of the colour to achieve light and purity. I then use the Smudge Tool and a brush called "Chalk 60 pixels" to continue painting the background (Fig08). I have now spent about 15 hours on my picture, because 70% of it has been finished (Fig09).

Fig. 07
Fig. 08

Fig. 09

Decorative Pattern

In my remaining time I add some decorative pattern for the blue skirt. First I draw a pattern on a new layer named "flower1", which I set to Screen mode. I then set the copy layer named "¬Ěflower1 copy" to Multiply mode. Don't forget to erase the edges to achieve the right effect (Fig10).

Fig. 10

Flying Birds

To make this picture more lively, I will draw a bird under her right hand. Birds' feathers should be drawn carefully, and so I must pay attention to the direction of the light (Fig11).

Fig. 11

Moon & Light

It took me 4 hours to paint the moon and the light held in her hand, which has a glowing emerald inside. I also add some fireflies flying around the light (Fig12 - 13).

Fig. 12

Fig. 13 - Final Image

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LynX on Fri, 03 May 2013 1:09pm
Useless article. Start form sketch and quickly finish with final image. Result is fine, but not enough information.
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