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Creating large-scale smoke with the help of FumeFX

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Date Added: 25th November 2013
Software used:

Generate FumeFX System

We are going to use three important things from the FumeFX System: the FumeFX Container, FFX Particle Source and the FFX Gravity Vector.

First, to create the FumeFX Container, go to Create Panel > Geometry and click on FumeFX in the dropdown menu. Now click on the FumeFX button and Generate Container in the viewport. Rename FumeFX01 to LSS Container, and in the viewport, change the position of the LSS Container as follows:

X : 3.0
Y : -150.0
Z : 0.0

To create the FFX Particle Source, go to Create Panel > Helpers and click FumeFX on the Dropdown menu. Click on the Particle Src Button and Generate in Viewport. Now Rename FFX Particle Src01 to LLS Src.

To create the FFX Gravity Vector, go to Create Panel > Helpers > Click on Dropdown menu > FumeFX and click on the Gravity Vector button and Generate in Viewport. The Gravity Vector will change the Gravity Direction according to the icon. In the viewport, change the rotation of the FFX Gravity Vector01 to the following:

X : 90.0
Y : 0.0
Z : 0.0

Setting the FumeFX Container, FFX Particle Source and the FFX Gravity Vector

Editing the FumeFX system

There are five important sections in FumeFX which we are going to modify: Gen (General), Sim (Simulation), Rend (Rendering), Illum (Illumination) and Obj/Src (Objects and Sources).

First, the Gen parameters should be changed as shown in the image below.

These are fairly straightforward number-switches, though to isolate the output path click on the small button next to output path, make a new folder on your storage drive and save your cache file (FXD) as LSS_test_ in that folder. Don't save cache file in your C: Drive though, as sometimes it contains more than 100GB Space, so you might face some problems.

As a tip, to make massive and detailed smoke, you have to make a large container with low spacing. It'll take time to simulate but it will give you a proper result. This said, you should have a good machine to work on ? I'm using a Core i7-2700K CPU, with 3.50GHz and 16GB RAM.

These are the parameters you should set your Gen settings to

The Simulation settings

You should apply the following settings to the Simulation panel of the FumeFX UI (see the image below). Don't change any parameters from the Fuel, Smoke or Temperature ? keep it default.

As a tip - Turbulence Noise is very important to define the volume of smoke.

Apply the following settings to your Simulation panel

The Rendering settings

You won't need to change anything in the rendering parameters menu, just uncheck the Fire tab in the Fire menu.

The following settings are needed in the Rendering tab

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thanks for wasting my time C:
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Cengceng on Wed, 11 December 2013 2:58am
Thank you for sharing the good work~but I really want to know how can i make sure that i use the right scale of turbulence noise?That's always confuse me.
Prasad Hublikar on Wed, 27 November 2013 5:50pm
thanks vikrant for sharing amazing tutotial
Ds on Tue, 26 November 2013 12:44pm
Looks good but move too fast for large scale plum
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