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Making of 'The Counterattack'

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Date Added: 15th November 2013

Step 4: Retopology

When I thought the mass and volume of the sculpture were the way I wanted, I began retopologizing the mesh using ZRemesher on each item (without worrying about edge loops and animation). I then passed it back into 3ds Max to map. After the mapping was finished, I added the final details and made final adjustments in ZBrush.

The character was retopologized using ZRemesher

Step 5: Textures and Materials

As I had already searched for and found references at the beginning of this project, I already had something in mind about what to use. I'll often find that even after trying several times it doesn't end up as cool as I imagined it would be, but it's good to have some options in mind and test until you feel satisfied about the result.

For the skin, I painted a texture in Photoshop mixed with some photo textures and I used the shader VrayFastSSS2, using the Normal map generated in ZBrush.

These show the character's skin shader and texture

Step 6: Textures and Materials 2

For all the others objects I used VrayMtl, and always with a bump map. After some trials and test paintings, I had my finished model ready to go to the next step.

This is the texture and shaders ready at this point

Step 7: Hair

Making the hair was always a big problem for me, but after a lot of studying I started to adjust to Ornatrix, and now I always use it in all my projects. I'm still not good with hair, but now I can make characters that aren't bald!

Emerson uses Ornatirix to create the hair for his character

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JABO on Mon, 02 December 2013 3:02pm
I would love a video of this process!!!!!
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