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Making of Midday Massacre

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Date Added: 13th November 2013

However, this was a mistake. You should not do this as it is possible to save time using just one model.

General principle for creating models

ZBrush, DynaMesh (or creating a base mesh in 3ds Max) > ZBrush/Topogun Retopology > Improving the details of the geometry (3ds Max, ZBrush) > Adding inorganic parts > Unwrapping and PolyPainting > Drawing texture details (Photoshop) > Exporting to 3ds Max for posing and finishing.

The different stages of creating the base of the caterpillar

Sometimes, I used 3ds Max and ZBrush simultaneously (exporting the model there and back) to add details like blood and spikes. Also, for making something special like a caterpillar in two pieces. The spikes were made using Scatter (3ds Max > Create > Compound > Scatter).

Experimenting with different ideas

Experimenting with different ideas

Experimenting with different ideas

In the end, the basic model was turned into 3 caterpillars: one whole, one broken in half and one with a hole in. I copied them a few times and altered them using simple Modifiers (bend, noise).

The three different caterpillars created using the same base


The butterfly is the rebirth of a caterpillar. I quickly made a model based on the caterpillars and primitives. It was a very ugly and curved billet, but with the help of DynaMesh, it became something like a fat moth.

An early model of the butterfly

Adapting the model to make it closer to the intended butterfly

After Retopology, I was happier with the result ? it became what was intended.

Retopologizing the model to get the desired effect

The butterfly was even better after adding the plates and hair in 3ds Max.

The butterfly after adding plates and hair


The farmer was made using different, separate SubTools in ZBrush. Unlike the caterpillars, it was handy to use ZBrush for creating things like the rifle and the various clothing items and other small things. Note that even the gun was enhanced in ZBrush. It helped to add to the realism. In the picture, different objects are highlighted with different colors.

The farmer sketched in ZBrush with the different elements highlighted

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