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Making Of 'To The Waterfall'

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Date Added: 2nd August 2010
Software used:

Software Used :

Photoshop CS2

I didn't have a plan when I made this picture so this isn't going to be a particularly detailed Making Of, and some of the steps are not great, but I hope you will still get some inspirations from the process.

Inspiration :

I always draw inspiration from everything that I am interested in at a particular moment, such as movies, fine art, eating noodles etc. For To The Waterfall, the concept idea came from a doodle (Fig.01) that I had done in my spare time (at that time, I didn't plan anything and just drew freely). I then combined this doodle with the idea of childhood dreams and then the story and the fantasy world started to come together.

Fig. 01

Sketching & Refrences :

I did lots of different sketches to find the best composition and a perspective that matched with my original idea. I wanted to be able to tell the story that I had in my mind through the image (Fig.02). I then moved into Photoshop and after choosing the best sketch, I started looking for some references for the objects in the scene that weren't clear and that I needed a guideline for. These included the landscape, the turtle, the waterfall etc. (Fig.03).

Fig. 02
Fig. 03

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Gfxengine on Fri, 04 March 2011 4:28am
Love the idea and thx for the tutorial
Amoraleite on Sun, 26 December 2010 1:49pm
Thank you Victorior! This is one of most beautiful paintings I've already see.
Aida on Sun, 19 December 2010 8:36pm
i think your "quick advice" is very true.
Walter Barna on Wed, 10 November 2010 1:54pm
Great making of! Thanks Wanchana
Warin on Sat, 14 August 2010 8:45am
Very cool making of Vic, great to see Thai artists around!!
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