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Making Of 'Hellboy'

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Date Added: 9th October 2013

Designing the hair

I then returned to my model to finalize the hair. I first made projection planes in places where the hair would be, and then, with everything in place, I began the time-consuming and complicated process of hair creation.

I wanted something as real and organic as possible, and in the end it took roughly 3 days of work on the hair and beards. The hair was generated only on the model's head and I did about 20 tests until I got one that I liked.

The final hair design for Hellboy

Render passes

I then began to set up the render passes to make the composition of the final image. Altogether there were 8 render passes, namely: Surface ID, alpha, depth, specular shading, subsurface shading, illumination, Ambient Occlusion, and HDR.

Once I had rendered all the passes, I took them into Photoshop to refine the contrast, brightness, shadows and textures.

Various render passes used in the creation of Hellboy

Effects and fixes

In Photoshop, I applied the fumes around Hellboy and his cigar, and fixed some texture flaws that were bothering me. I tried to leave the contrast more aggressive to give a feeling of power to the whole scene.

After I made all the desired changes, I took the scene final render into After Effects to do some simple color correction and lighting.

Adding smoke and atmospheric effects to the scene

Final touches

I pushed the brightness and contrast a little and put a subtle, darker-bluish and greenish tint in the scene, with a little magenta and yellow. I then made the warm and cool tones more uniform in order to bring an air of mystery to the scene.

Once I applied all these details, I added a simple light effect in After Effects in 2 areas: The first was on the left side of the image near the ear to simulate some volumetric light, and the second point was above the cigar which intensified the light.

I then applied a light blur effect to the lights so that they would not be too harsh and destroy the climate in the scene. After adding those final details, I closed the file and rendered a frame in After Effects with those changes. I then took it back to Photoshop and applied the final dust details.

This concludes the image of Hellboy. For me, this was a job with many challenges, where I could learn how to draw hair and refine my skills in rendering, texture and lighting.

The final image of Hellboy

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