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Making Of 'Hellboy'

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Date Added: 9th October 2013

Lighting the model

I then began lighting the model without the materials added. I used 4 lights to light the scene. 3 were positioned on the back of the model with different intensities and different warm and cool tones to create a mixed atmosphere in the scene. I used a light directly in front of the model too, with a low intensity.

The lit un-textured model

Dealing with maps

I then made all the adjustments and started to configure the SSS materials such as metal and fabric. This was a little complicated because I did not want him to absorb every detail of the maps that I had exported.

For the face, I utilized the Normal and Displacement together, which is not widely used by artists, but I wanted to highlight the details in Hellboy's face. I set up the SSS to stay very soft, so it didn't absorb both maps and still preserved the details I wanted.

Then I started refining the skin texture by generating maps of the Epidermis, Lower Dermis, Upper Dermis, Oil, Bump, Reflection and Specular maps. With all the maps made and applied in the model, all I needed to do was refine the materials and tweak the appearance to texture the face.

Maps for the skin texture

The other textures

The remaining materials and textures were much easier to apply ? especially the refined maps, buckles and clothing.

Once I had finished the other items, I applied the model textures in each of the areas on my model. With all the textures in order and the materials already set, I went to work adjusting the lighting so that the materials and textures responded the way I wanted them to.

Once everything was placed according to my direction, I positioned my camera in the final model to generate render passes.

The first render base for Hellboy

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