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The scene was simple to model, so I had more time to work on the textures. A diffuse texture was used in the Falloff, and I reduced the blur of the Bump texture to 0.5 to sharpen it without using Displacement - all because I wanted to keep the render times fast.

On the wood texture, I used the same diffuse texture, with color correction in the texture and Reflection and Refl. glossiness activated in the Fresnel reflections. The same applies for all types of wood material in this scene.


Adding textures


For the lighting of the scene I had initially imagined night light - I even did some tests - but I decided that it would be more in harmony if I made it daylight: clean and clear. Then, to illuminate it I used VRaySun to mark the sunlight on the scene and VRay Dome light for global illumination - one VRay light in the window to generate the influence of external light, and another light in VRay for artificial lighting...



The sun is in the East

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
JUAN CARLOS BONILLA on Wed, 05 March 2014 11:54pm
congratulations. more than amazing. I dont understand very weill, how do you do the texturing. i dont understand how you put the diffuse in the fallof, and how you get more sharpness in the bump. can you explain me. if you have time the settings about. thanks lot if you can. NICE JOB
Harlyo on Tue, 19 November 2013 7:32am
Its very beautiful & indeed a high level of details
Ali on Tue, 05 November 2013 11:18am
hi & ty for tutorial what did u use for walls? wall of 3ds max? or box plane somethig
MB Subeer on Wed, 30 October 2013 9:02am
Awesome... i like it very much.keep posting new
Jikaz on Sun, 08 September 2013 7:39pm
Beautiful picture ! But be careful with the composition of your shots. There is a lot of tangent (the drapry with the bottom of the picture, the furniture with the right, etc. etc.)
Gustavo Ramirez on Wed, 04 September 2013 6:29pm
why do you say ''I decided to make an Eames Wooden Chair'' if DID NOT CREATED? the chair belongs to Aleso3D, here you can seee it: provide the credits
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