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Making Of: Primateran

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Date Added: 24th November 2009
Software used:
The globe was placed on the opposite side of the ship's direction and the sun beams were placed behind the globe. The atmosphere of the globe was done by simply drawing some areas with an Alpha brush. I then blurred out the globe's edges to achieve a more realistic atmosphere.

I had to do a lot of color corrections to get a more blueish / greenish globe surface.

I then duplicated the layer and lowered the intensity so that I could use it as a cloud layer. Then I duplicated it again and twisted it a little bit to get the clouds appearing on some other areas. Some areas were faded out to achieve a more realistic look (higher and lower cloud layers).

After this step, the image was half done. I then started to create some more ships. First I modeled two bigger ships, put them into position, rendered them and put them into the final image as a triangle formation. Then I duplicated some fighter ships and placed them on three different layers, blurring some of the ships out.

The fighter booster line was created by simply using Alpha brush, formed with the Smudge tool. I also used a "Spiral Formation" to get a better feel of the space among the ships. The ships on the left side were in the same formation, targeting the left arm of the Space Station. The rear part was an "expletive part" consisting of the comets, the base ship and the two "resource carriers". They were in a free position and are aiming at the meteors (Fig.08).

170_tid_Fig08 - LARGE.jpg
Fig: 08

After this step, I created some clouds that were covering the ships and the atmosphere. The nebula parts were mixed with the clouds to create some new looking clouds (Fig.09).

170_tid_Fig09 - LARGE.jpg
Fig: 09

I used some correction layers to achieve the right environment colors and feelings (Fig.10).

170_tid_Fig10 - LARGE.jpg
Fig: 10

Finally I added a lens effect, my logo and the border (Fig.11).

170_tid_Fig11 - LARGE.jpg
Fig: 11

A Few Words About This Picture

The ships you see in this picture are the ships of my nation, the Primaterans. In the future I'm going to create a similar battle scene, where I want to introduce the Primateran's ultimate enemy (Fig.12).

170_tid_Fig12 - LARGE.jpg
Fig: 12

I want to say thanks to my team mate Dic4b from Alcatraz, for the better English version of this Making Of. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it interesting.

Best regards,
Tamás Gyermán

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James on Sun, 27 May 2012 9:48pm
This is awsome, should so make a short 10 second clip of the spaceships travelling through space
IvisibleCat on Sat, 12 May 2012 1:56am
this is breathtaking ! i would love to see this in 3ds max, build from scratch as an video tut ! greetz
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