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Praying Mantis

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Date Added: 21st July 2011

For the painting, I used Polypaint with the flat material, so I could see the original colors the map would have. I also applied the basic colors of a praying mantis. With the cavity mask turned on, I painted in the smaller details (Fig.06).

Fig. 06

After those steps, I put the praying mantis in its final pose and extracted the following maps via ZBrush: normal, displacement, bump and diffuse (Fig.07).

Fig. 07

I opened the model in XSI and started to apply the shaders with the maps I'd extracted from ZBrush. I positioned the lights in places I thought would look good and started the texturing using SSS shaders (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

I linked the normal map so I could have the little details (displacement was used only on its front legs, antennae and that shell like part, because it makes a more detailed silhouette). The bump map was used as a base for the reflection map.

For the subsurface I used my diffuse map as a base. All the subdermal, epidermal and backscatter color modification was done in Photoshop. I also made a weight map for the backscatter. After many tests, and looking at references of real praying mantis, I got the result I wanted (Fig.09).

Fig. 09

After those tests I used that shader as a pass and changed it to XSI's Mia material, so I could do the reflection in separated passes. I worked the reflection map and gloss with my diffuse base in Photoshop, painting where I wanted more or less gloss (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

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Munkybutt's Avatar
Leo Sakamoto (Forums) on Tue, 01 February 2011 12:03am
Amazing! Excellent making of! :dance:
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