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The next thing I wanted to try was to properly populate the scene with thousands of objects. From the very beginning this was a real challenge and as I said before, I had a great number of different assets, such as fruit, crates, guitars, stalls, lamps, garbage, etc. They were all previously textured and shaded ready to be used.

Due to the fact that I didn't have a final sketch to work from, I populated the scene until the composition looked right using a trial and error process, but undoubtedly more artistic. A few days passed before I reached a satisfactory stage with a properly populated scene and both a colorful and acceptable composition. However I had to take a step back several times to model objects that I realized were missing. For example, guitars, a few piñatas, serapes and rag dolls. These models added a traditional and regional flavor to the image and were not as common as the others (Fig.06 - 07).

1695_tid_daniel schmid_fig06.jpg
1695_tid_daniel schmid_fig07.jpg

Whilst creating the scene things started to feel a bit chaotic and disorganized. There were plenty of repeated elements, so I decided to add one unique object: the scales. I made these a focal point using the rule of thirds. This would allow me to enhance the composition in a natural way. Using this technique I positioned several objects to help frame the image more effectively, maintaining the scales as an key component (Fig.08).

1695_tid_daniel schmid_fig08.jpg
Fig. 08

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