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Fig.11 shows the final model without the colors. A very interesting process I like to use up to this point is to grab a render of the model, put it in Photoshop and paint ideas, variations or design modifications. For my personal work I find that it's faster to do this is in 2D rather than 3D. Fig.12 shows an example of this.


Fig. 12


To prepare the render passes, first I chose a material - in this case, SkinShade. I then applied the WaxPreview, as it's shown in Fig.13. In Render > Render Properties, I enabled the WaxPreview button and then in the Wax Modifiers I tweaked the effect by increasing the Strength from 0 to 100. There were other options I could have played with that might have been interested too.


In order to render, at least the main light needs shadows. Fig.14 shows the settings I used to achieve hard or soft shadows:

1. This is a default shadow in BPR. It can be interesting, but it's a very hard shadow and you can see on the final image that I used a softer one.
2. This shadow is softer because I increased the Angle setting. The effect is like a bunch of the hard shadows repeated, offset and made transparent to build up a rough gradient. This way sometimes looks cool because of that noisy layer effect.
3. This shadow is much softer and the gradient is cleaner. It's not the most accurate, but it was enough to me. I set Angle at 66, and increased Rays and Blur slightly to make a nice version that wasn't too slow.
4. I got the final shadow by just increasing the Blur to the max and keeping the Angle at 66. This looked nice but was much slower.


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