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How to Stylize and Model 'Toon Humans - Chapter 2: Posing and Texturing

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Date Added: 31st January 2013
Software used:

Let's do the following:

- Select the belt.
- Apply an Edit Poly and create some edges where the holes should be.
- Apply an Unwrap UVW modifier.
- Press Edit and in the Edit UVWs window click on the Options button on the lower right corner.
- Turn on Use Custom Bitmap Size and set the width to 150 and the height to 2048. This way the UVs are now proportional on screen.
- Click on the Tools menu and choose Render UVW Template.
- In the Render UVs window set the Width to 300 and the Height to 4096.
- Press the Render UV Template button.
- Save it as "beltUVtemplate.jpg"

Now we have a guide to create the texture in Photoshop with the exact location of the holes.

Belt Texture

For the belt texture, I have found a nice photo at CGTextures with several leather straps (Fig.21).


- Open Photoshop.
- Load the "beltUVtemplate.jpg".
- Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise to make it easier to work with. Invert the colors and desaturate it.
- Double click on the background layer and name it "UVTemplate". Change the layer blending mode to Multiply.
- From the reference image I have selected one of the straps with the Marquee tool (press M) and pasted it underneath the UVTemplate layer.
- Press Ctrl + T and scale the strap to fit the template.
- With the Clone Stamp tool, erase the existing holes on the strap.
- Copy the strap several times to fill the entire length of the belt and erase with a soft brush between the pasted samples to blend them together.
- For the holes, go to the original photo, select one hole and paste it on top of the belt texture. With the eraser, blend the hole with the texture underneath. Make sure to place the holes at the edge markings we so that the pins go through the holes.
- Hide the UVTemplate layer. Rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise to go back to the original position and save the texture as "belt_diffuse.PSD".

Epidermal texture

In Photoshop we will add some more detail to the epidermal texture (Fig.22).


- Open "body_epidermal.PSD" in Photoshop.
- Create a new layer on top of this one by
pasting the "body_occlusion.PSD" image and setting the blending mode to Multiply. Adjust the Fill value to 13% to make the darkening effect subtle.
- Create another layer by pasting the "body_cavity.PSD". Set this layer to Overlay with a Fill value of 37%. The cavity map enhances the edges of the model which is perfect for the chiseled look I am after. If you wish to accentuate parts of the cavity map, just use an eraser with a soft brush to tone down some areas.
- To create some illusion of detail, create a new layer and fill it with a brown color.
- Choose Filter > Noise > Add Noise.
- Change the Noise amount to 45%, set the distribution to Gaussian and turn Monochromatic on.
- Set the layer to Overlay with a Fill value of 12%, this will add some subtle noise to the skin.
- Save it as "body_epidermal.PSD".

Trousers texture 1

For the texture of the trousers I have also found a nice sample of jeans at CGTextures. It is a clean sample without any stitches, so the only thing I had to do was to make it tileable (Fig.23).


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