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Making Of 'Baby Room'

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Date Added: 3rd November 2009
Software used:

Next I modeled the body of the other cabinet from a box. I added the edges and the surfaces with the help of Editable Poly (Fig.24).

Fig. 24

After I'd copied the handles and feet from the first cabinet, I aligned them to the suitable places. I also copied the backrest from the first cabinet. After I'd turned back to the Editable Spline stage, I resized the backrest with FFD (Fig.25).

Fig. 25

I added a new drawer to the upper part by deleting the surface at the top, and then aligned it too the upper cabinet with Endpoint Snap. It's important not to forget to merge the points at the intersection area. I then dragged the backrest to the upper side and aligned a copy of the handle to the upper drawer (Fig.26).

Fig. 26

In order to fill the upper side of the cabinet, I decided to model some picture frames. I created the outlines of the model with a box and then added new edges with Edit Poly. After creating the new surface with Chamfer at the center area, I applied Extrude and aligned to the bottom of the frame, which effectively created the base of the frame. I selected the middle surfaces and created the frame edge with Inset and Bevel commands. To save the upper side of the cabinet from uniformity, I made copies of the picture frame in different sizes (Fig.27).

Fig. 27

Next I started to model the big cabinet. I created a box for the body and then assigned Edit Poly and added new edges. The surfaces of the bottom part were shaped with the Inset and Bevel commands.

I created the cabinet doors by using the backrest from the original cabinet. After copying the backrest and moving it into a suitable position, I dragged out the vertices. Then I halved it and sent away the vertices at the center from each other, which created a line between the two halves. Next I created a circle in the centre of each of the doors and added them to the main object. Once again, I copied the handles and feet from the other cabinets and added them to the big cabinet (Fig.28). After modeling, I grouped the cabinets together and moved them to another layer.

Fig. 28

The console was the next thing that I modeled. I created the base with a rectangle and used Shell to give thickness. Again, I copied the backrest from the original cabinet and adjusted the dimensions. I then drew an L shaped connecting part with the Line tool. To make the sharp edge rounded, I used the Fillet command and thickness was added with a Radial section type. I then duplicated and increased the thickness of the ends of the connecting pipe. I used a copy of the drawer handles for the brace, as you can see in Fig.29.

Fig. 29

I modeled bottles for the console. To make them look full and natural, I dragged the vertices after drawing a section with the Line tool, then rounded the sharp edges with Fillet and gave three dimensions with the Lathe command (Fig.30).

Fig. 30

The second bottle was modeled from a box. I converted to Editable Poly and then added new edges after using the NURMS Subdivision operation to preserve its form. I then resized it by dragging the vertices and changing their angles and positions to look more natural (Fig.31).

Fig. 31

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Djfunkytown on Sat, 15 June 2013 10:34am
Great tutorial! Good details and explanations. The room looks pretty awesome! :)
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