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Making Of 'Hidden Passage'

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Date Added: 19th November 2012
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In Fig.04a - b you can see the pure composition with the planned eye leader lines.


Then planning of the important objects began. The first element was the temple on the left-hand side (Fig.05). Because I could only see the roof in the picture, I had to design the rest of the building. First I was thinking about something traditional: a square building, in Far-Eastern style (1). Later I had another idea about a round structure that harmonized with the hole at the top of the cave (2). After a while I realized that neither idea was good enough, as they covered too much. I wanted to make the place behind the temple more visible. I decided to design a building standing on four columns, which is similar to the environment's rock pillars (3). Because of this solution the cliff behind the temple could be seen very well.


I imagined the right-hand side to be less toned, because I only needed it to make a balanced composition. First I planned to have only trees there, but I changed my mind because I needed a more expressive object. I was thinking about something simple and short, like a small column.

The creation of the natural environment was easier. In the middle of the picture we can look through an arch, to where the next chamber is. On both sides of the cave, there are columns instead of walls. Because of it the cave seems higher. I planned smaller objects in the foreground: trees, bushes, smaller rocks (using these elements, it is easier to lead the eyes). I imagined rocky protrusions which border the river in the middle of the composition (Fig.06).


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Kal on Thu, 13 June 2013 8:03am
Incredible! Beautiful work! How did you achieve the expanded layer view in Fig.21??
Damir G Martin on Tue, 20 November 2012 9:34pm
Beautiful final result. Enjoyed the walk trough as well. Cheers
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