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Making Of 'Grandfather Nurgle'

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Date Added: 22nd October 2012
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Hello friends! My name is Oleg Shekhovtsov, aka leshiy. This art was created for the art-duel: "DEITIES of the WARHAMMER!!!" on

Because I don't want to repeat myself, and to help you better understand this article, I recommend that you first read the previous Making Of I did for my image The Berserk Flash, which can be found here:

I've been a fan of both Warhammer universes and have loved Chaos for a long time, so I did not get distracted by other sides of the conflict and instead plunged into the abyss of wikis and fan-sites. Here's what I found out about the Chaos God Nurgle:

Also known as Grandfather Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence and the Lord of Decay, Nurgle is a warm and welcoming god who gifts his followers with poxes and boils, rashes and sores. He is the oldest of the four Chaos Gods and is the most directly involved with the plights of mortals, particularly humans who suffer so acutely from a fear of death, perhaps the oldest fear of that species. While Nurgle is the God of death and decay, to be certain, he is also the God of rebirth. After all, decay is simply one part of the cycle of life, without which no new life could grow.

Nurglings are daemonic servants of Nurgle. They look like miniature representations of Nurgle, with friendly, mischievous faces. They are gregarious, agile and constantly active.

Nurgle's colors are painfully green, yellow and brown, portrayed in simple geometric forms. His followers often find it advisable not to wear its symbol (a symbolic representation of an ulcer or flies); instead, they prefer to cover their bodies, concealing their deformity and disease, as well as inspiring fear and despair in others. Seven is the number of Nurgle.

The paradoxical concept of a cheerful and good-natured pile of rotting flesh quickly won me over. For in this fantastic description of Nurgle hides a much more profound philosophy, which perfectly coincided with my outlook in general, and the mood at the time. The bottom line is that every question has one answer: death. But that's not terrible or wrong; the idea of something ending is no worse than the idea of something beginning. After all, nothing is eternal and the end of something always marks the beginning of something new.

After digesting and absorbing all the information I'd gathered and emotions I'd invoked, I decided on a final concept: Nurgle, swollen and sitting beside a big cauldron full of plague - like a fireplace - touched by amusement at the antics of his dear granddaughter who plays on his body.

As usual when I do this kind of competition, I spent the first week mulling over my idea, reading up about Nurgle and making sketches of my chosen topic. After collecting another stack of references (Fig.01), and sorting through multiple angles and fragmentary sketches, I came up with a general composition, which sufficiently expressed the idea (Fig.02).

Fig. 01


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