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The Italian Courtyard - Chapter 1

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Date Added: 17th September 2012
Software used:

Getting Started

Open up UDK and let's make a start. In Fig.06 I have highlighted the main areas we will be working in. I'll give you a brief breakdown of what they are, but I will go into more detail as this tutorial progresses. If you want to know what each icon does then hover your mouse over the icon and it will pop up a quick description.


1. These are your building tools. You will use these tools to create your BSP geometry and edit their shape.
2. These tools allow us to add or carve out geometry that we have placed using the BSP brushes above.
3. These tools allow us to add special volumes to our environment, such as water and collision. They allow us to isolate areas in the map and give them special properties that don't affect the whole map.
4. These are our viewport controls, similar to what you get in 3D software. They allow us to view the viewport in different modes.
5. Highlighted in a cyan box, this is the Content browser. We will be using this tool a lot. This is where we import all our assets for the environment and browse the library of assets that come with UDK.
6. This is where we build our level. When you make edits to the world you have to rebuild the geometry and lighting in order to get the changes to display correctly. We will be using this area a lot during the tutorial.
7. Finally these tools get us in the game and playing our level so far. Very important for viewing how our level looks.

To control the camera in the viewport:
- Click + drag left mouse button moves the camera forwards and backward.
- Click + drag right mouse button rotates the camera on its pivot point.
- Click and drag the Left + right mouse buttons moves the camera up and down.
- Click and hold right mouse button and use keys W, S, D, A allows you to move about the viewport in a more natural game control system.

Let's create a playable little area to get us more familiar with these tools. Click File > New Map and select Additive for the Geometry style. This allows us to add geometry to the map. Right click over the Cube brush and the settings for the brush appear. Use the same settings I have used in the screenshot (Fig.07) and you will see the red builder brush change shape to match the settings you typed in. Then click on the CSG ADD icon, as shown in Fig.08. If nothing happens you need to make sure you are in Unlit Mode for the viewport, located in area 4 of Fig.06. Because there are no lights in the scene at the moment, the geometry may not be visible. So let's add a light to the environment.



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