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Making Of 'Sniper'

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Date Added: 30th August 2012
Software used:

General Form

With the Broad Water brush I applied gray tones. I work from dark to light areas. At this stage I don't care about the color, it's only a matter of lights and volumes. I use the Scratchboard tool at the same time to draw.

I added shoulder and arm protections in Photoshop. I used some textures and then I painted over them (Fig.03).

Fig. 03

Color Base

I selected the parts that I wanted to be colored in Photoshop and then changed the color with the Hue/Saturation (Ctrl or Cmd + U) tool with the Colorize box selected. I always start with a general base tone and, if needed, I can always edit it later in Photoshop. I used Levels to adjust the image (Ctrl or Cmd + L) as it was a bit too dark. You can see the original and the adjusted image in Fig.04.

Fig. 04

I applied warm colors to the areas that would be hit by the sun and cooler tones in the shaded areas. To help me see the dark and light areas more clearly, I added a flat black layer to the top of image and set it to Color blending mode. In Fig.05 you can see the effect when this layer is turned on and off. I use this technique continually through the creation of the image and it helps me to spot the areas that lack contrast and require more attention. I learnt this technique from a Feng Zhu tutorial.


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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Glen D on Fri, 31 August 2012 12:13pm
Nice drawing. On his right knee pad the scratches don't match the angle of his knee pad. He is wearing too much gear for a sniper. His brown t-shirt around his neck has an odd angle compared to his body position. Gear in front looks great but if he is a sniper the blue light is a big target indicator. Think stealthy. Good luck.
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