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Making Of 'The Baroness'

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Date Added: 21st February 2011
Software used:

3D Stage

During the photography stage, we worked on the background using the same basic lighting setup to keep the same illumination in both created images (Fig.03).

Fig: 03

To simulate the photograph's lighting we used a big, weak, blue VRaylight on the right (as the Beauty Disk), a smaller, white VRaylight in the center (the Octa Bank) and a mix of Omni lights for the candles with a small, but really strong, VRayLight plane (just like the Strobe light).

We created a very simple background containing a cracked wallpaper texture, a luxurious candelabrum and a curtain - just like Marie Antoinette reference painting.

For the cracked wall, we used a V-Ray blend material with a base wallpaper texture and another one for the exposed bricks. To make the bricks more realistic was used a V-Ray Displace mod with the image of the bricks (Fig.04).

Fig: 04

The render process took about five hours (including the five render phases)(Fig.05).

Fig: 05


To fill the empty frame created at the 3D stage, we created a portrait of a scary, blind, middle-aged baron. This took two working days (Fig.06 - 07).

Fig: 06

Fig: 07

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Greg on Fri, 25 February 2011 7:31pm
Would have been nice to see how they made dress, just textures or modeled in zbrush and see the different stages of the model.
Gfxengine on Fri, 25 February 2011 2:29pm
thq for this wonderful tutorial :)
Max on Tue, 22 February 2011 7:11am
So do you call this one a "making of"? please... the point is the CHARACTER, the face, the effects... Not the normal bump or the occlusion pass on the BG. lol!
Munkybutt's Avatar
NinthJake (Forums) on Mon, 21 February 2011 7:20pm
Note to self: Never again eat while watching making-of's xD
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