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Bugatti Veyron: Chapter 1

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Date Added: 29th May 2012
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37. Once that is done, it's just a case of combining the two surfaces and filling in the middle polygons, remembering to shape the bulge of the wheel arch whilst keeping the front part of the fender curving smoothly (Fig44).


38. To finish the rear fender just grab the edges surrounding the wheel arch and extrude inwards (Fig45), then snap to the curve.


39. The back panel is very simple: basically just lay out faces to outline the long thin strip (Fig46). The highlighted middle edges need to be pulled up slightly for some subtle curvature.


40. Just carry on working your way down to fill in the main back area, keeping the curvature nice and even throughout until the panel is completed (Fig47).


41. The panel underneath the rear fender is also very simple, so just use the techniques learned so far and try and get something similar to Fig48.


42. Model the thin strip that runs down the back of the car (Fig49); don't worry about the gaps in the mesh, this will be addressed when we smooth everything.


I think we'll leave the tutorial there for now because there has been a lot to digest so far. We will construct the last few panels in the next part of the tutorial and add a smooth modifier to all pieces. We will also give all of the pieces some depth and bevel the edges to create nice sharp corners, plus address any mesh flow issues and clean up the surfaces.

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Bjarmi on Wed, 29 August 2012 4:54pm
looks like a great tutorial! :) It's nice to see a detailed tutorial on vehicles not the "This is how i modeled the hood of the car.. and here you see the finished model where I used the same method"
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