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Making Of 'Akiko'

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Date Added: 20th February 2012
Software used:

Part 2

Once the portrait was fairly complete I began phase two: background and textures, body and jacket, red scarf, hand, fog and clouds, woodland and moving debris. This phase took me about the same amount of time I spent on the portrait. I used my solid brush to block in the scarf, then used my texture brushes to create details within. The hand did take some time to render. Hands can be very tricky to paint, but with time and a good reference I was able to pull this one off. The clouds and fog were thoughtfully rendered with a soft, chalk, and cloud-like brush. This element really adds to the overall composition and helps direct the eye throughout the illustration. The background woodland was fairly easy to paint since it was basically a silhouette, but I made sure to paint it accurately. The moving debris was created with the Lasso tool and a motion blur. I used the Lasso tool to create multiple small interesting shapes, and then in a new layer I used a texture brush to fill the shapes in. Lastly I applied a motion blur to give the effect of movement. In the final stages I added a little warmth to black and white areas with an Overlay layer to help unite everything together (Fig.04).

Fig. 04

Like the portrait, I made sure to add detail in certain areas throughout and leave other areas rough and unfinished. I do this because I love to see textures and lines, and I love giving the process of making art a recognizable voice (Fig.05 - 06).

Fig. 05

Fig. 06


In this illustration I set out to feature the subject: a mysterious woman with a red scarf, walking in dark and eerie woodland. I love mysterious illustrations that enable me to use my imagination to fill in the gaps and answer my questions. I feel this illustration is a success in my book; one that I have learned from and will build upon. Thank you for reading and I hope you found this useful (Fig.07).

Fig. 07

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