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Head 1 (Fig.34)

Fig. 34

We will now start creating a base shape for the head.
Our main concern will be to create a workable geometry in the area of the snout, ears and eyes.

-Select the 2 polygons in the middle of the face.
-Use the Extrude Dialog Box and insert a value of 0,40m (don't forget to set the extrusion type back to "Group" or it will extrude each face individually).

Head 2 (Fig.35)

Fig. 35

-Create one edge loop horizontally across the snout, and 2 edge loops horizontally across the top half of the face.
-Create 2 edge loops along the snout.

Head 3 (Fig.36)

Fig. 36

-Select the polygons on the top of the head (see figure) and extrude them 0.50 m.
-Create a horizontal edge loop that splits the ears.

Head 4 (Fig.37)

Fig. 37

We will start shaping the head freely:
-Move the vertexes to shape the snout to resemble the initial sketch roughly. There aren't a lot of tricks here, just moving the vertexes in space and orbiting around the volume to check the volume.

TIP: In Orthographic View only move the vertexes along one of the axis (X, Y or Z) at a time, it is easier not to get lost in space. :). Use the Constraints inside "Edit Geometry" to limit the vertex movement along the edges or in the same plane of the surrounding faces.

Head 5 (Fig.38)

Fig. 38

-Keep shaping the head, making the cheeks rounder.
-Move the vertexes in the eye area, creating a rough round shape. Use the Face Constraint inside Edit Geometry to move the eye contour vertexes on the same plane.
-Move the vertexes of the ears to shape them correctly.

Head 6 (Fig.39)

Fig. 39

-Always moving the vertexes, on the back of the head, make it rounder and the ears thinner.
-Make two new edge loops along the ears. Select the vertexes of the ears and rotate them slightly outwards.
-Move the vertexes on the back of the ears to make them rounder.

Head 7 (Fig.40)

Fig. 40

-Select the vertexes of the neck and scale them on the X and Y plane to increase its thickness.
-Select all the vertexes of the head and pull it up and slightly forward to make the neck longer.
-Scale the vertexes at the base of the neck a little bit more to make it thicker in this area.
-Pull the vertexes of the area where the head meets the neck a little bit back so that the back of the head is more in tune with the neck.

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Fantastic tutorial, i really can follow step by step and see the results. many thanks ( Obrigado Jose Silva, abrado do Porto)
Joicy on Fri, 10 February 2012 2:25am
this is a very cheap and good renderfarm ,you can follow the link bellow ( to see the details, hope you will like it.
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