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Stylizing Toons: Chapter 1 - Concept and Modeling

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Date Added: 3rd February 2012
Software used:

Gloves1 (Fig.54)

Fig. 54

-Select the glove element and scale it up a bit.
-Create 2 edge loops along the sides of the glove.
-Create 2 edge loops along the gloves.

Gloves2 (Fig.55)

Fig. 55

-Move the vertexes of the glove to create a rounded volume.

Gloves3 (Fig.56)

Fig. 56

-Create edge loops at the wrist, connection of the thumb with the hand and tip of the thumb.
The objective of these loops is to keep these areas in place when we subdivide them later in ZBrush.
-Scale up the vertexes at the wrist area of the glove to define it.

Tail1 (Fig.57)

Fig. 57

-Select the polygons at the lower back of the model.
-Use the Extrude dialog box, with an Extrusion Height of about 2.50m.
As the polygons are facing outwards you will notice that they will split as they extrude. We will move the end vertexes towards the mirror plane to weld together the 2 extrusions.

Tail2 (Fig.58)

Fig. 58

-Move the vertexes at the tip of the tail towards the symmetry plane and cross the vertexes to the other side of the plane. The Symmetry modifier will weld the vertexes.
-Move or Scale the vertexes at the tip of the tail to make it smaller.
-Move the vertexes that connect the tail to the body to make the tail profile rounder.

Tail3 (Fig.59)

Fig. 59

-Move the vertexes on the tip of the tail down until they touch the floor.
-Create 2 edge loops along the tail, one at the tail origin and another in the middle of the tail.
You can make these edge loops by using the Quick Slice tool inside the Edit Poly Modifier. Use the Side View viewport, select the tail polygons, choose Quick slice and click above and below the tail, a clean cut will be made on the surface.
-Rotate and scale the 2 edge loops created on the tail to position it as shown in the figure.

Tail4 (Fig.60)

Fig. 60

-Create more edge loops along the tail in order to have an even distribution.
-Move the edge loops to have a nice curve on the tail.
-Create some more edge loops in order to keep the whole mesh more even in terms of subdivision (legs, feet, abdomen).
-Select all polygons.
-Click the Auto Smooth button inside the Smoothing Groups with a value of 90.
-Right Click on the Symmetry modifier and pick Collapse All to reduce the mesh to an editable poly.
-After collapsing, confirm that the mesh pivot is at the center of the mesh and at the coordinates 0.0.0. It is not strictly necessary, but a very good habit when modeling symmetrical meshes.

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Mario Luz on Thu, 21 June 2012 10:36am
Fantastic tutorial, i really can follow step by step and see the results. many thanks ( Obrigado Jose Silva, abrado do Porto)
Joicy on Fri, 10 February 2012 2:25am
this is a very cheap and good renderfarm ,you can follow the link bellow ( to see the details, hope you will like it.
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