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Modeling a Viking ship with splines

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

13. Select all the polygons in this layer and flip them. You now have an in-facing and an out-facing hull section.

14. Next you must creat the top rail of the hull. In the side view, with BOTH hull layers (in this case layers 5 & 6) selected, in the point edit mode select all the points along the upper edge. Hit (c) and go to layer 7 (as shown on the illustration) and hit (v). You now have copied and pasted all of the points from both hull sections to layer 7.

15...and here they are.

16. In layer 7, select points, in sets of 4, sequentially and hit (p) to create a polygon. Do that for all of the segments. You'll end up working in different view ports for convenience.

1446_tid_Image3-20.jpg 1446_tid_Image3-21.jpg

17. When you're all finished, go to the polygon edit mode. Flip (f) any polygon that is not facing up, and then select all of them. Hit (q) and in the Change Surface box name them Rail2. Hit ok, and it will turn grey.

18. In the Suface Editor you now see "Rail2". Go to "Default", where our original color choice is located, right-click and a tiny window will pop up that reads "copy" and "paste". Click on copy and then go to "Rail2". Right-click and in the tiny window click on "paste". You color will now be assigned to "Rail2". Neat, eh?

19.Go to layer 6 and name the in-facing hull with oar-ports: "Hull_In2". Then same procedure as above.

20. Go to layer 5 and name the out-facing hull with oar-ports: "Hull_Out2". Then same procedure as above. Cut and paste the contents of layers 6 & 7 into layer 5.

21. Now to a real pain in the butt. In the combined layer 5, select every point as I show in the illustration. As you probably noticed already, I neglected to pick the intermediate points that appear in two of the edge segments for a reason. Firstly, I have no intention to affix the oar-port liners to the hull, to not cause new stress areas. Secondly, I intend to only create half of each liner and then mirror it. Now, that's just a suggestion. Read on and you may decide to rather connect all of the points with polygons, one at a tine. That way no final adjustment of the mirrored portion is necessary. Your call.

22. After you have selected all the points around each port, copy and paste them to layer 8. Switch layer and now in layer 8 start to create polygons.

23. As you can see, I did only 1/2 of each hole.

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