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Modeling a Viking ship with splines

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

9...and the next rows...

10....and the bottom two rows.

11. When all is done, you've got this nice little rudder shape. Bevel the top polygon as shown, and then...

12. fix up a few points to make the vertical lines a little smoother.

1446_tid_Image6-23.jpg 1446_tid_Image6-22.jpg

13. Now cut, or bandsaw (I used CONSTRUCT/knife) the bottom row of polys to allow you to add a little curve in there, as I did..

14. Finally, select the bottom polygon, flip it (f), and MUTIPLY/Smooth Shift it, twice. Take each of the new point rows and use (h) to push them inward a little. Nobody says you can't use to slide things as you need them. Make sure the reduction is done in both views. Flip all polys as necessary.

15. Now, if you so desire, shape the bottom of the rudder round, as I did. Not a big deal. All rudders were slightly different, as you by now have been made aware of by me. What you end up with is this nice little Viking ship rudder shape. Pat yourself on the back. Uh, if you haven't yet, name it "Rudder".

1446_tid_Image6-29.jpg 1446_tid_Image6-30.jpg

16. The Rudder Control Arm is next. It's waaay simpler than the rudder. First create a disc.and extend it. slide the segments as shown.

1446_tid_Image6-32.jpg 1446_tid_Image6-33.jpg

17. Now use MODIFY/Stretch or (h) to reshape the first segment as shown here. The Rudder is in the background layer, in case you wondered. Then, after extending the handle end slightly beyond the diameter of the Rudder (background layer), bevel the end polygon twice.

1446_tid_Image6-34.jpg 1446_tid_Image6-35.jpg

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