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Railway Station

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

Railway Station: Making Textures Using Photoshop

The second part of this tutorial is about making realistic textures. I will show you how to make some textures in Photoshop using layers, masks and different blending styles.

It's time to make a break. Just go out on the street, look around, keep your eyes open and if you see a perfect clean surface, without dirt, and marks of time, run as fast as you can back home send me an e-mail, and I will come to look at it. Nothing in world is perfect, so worst and older something looks, it appears more realistic in CG.

Ok, but let's start to work.

First lets make a stonewall texture with watermarks and some moss in Photoshop.

1. open the basic texture, the wall

2. add a second layer, the moss, we will use it create the water marks

3. add a mask to the second layer

4. change the blending to Screen, and we have some watermarks on the wall.

5. add a third layer, the moss again, nut now we will use it for moss :-)

6. add a mask to this layer

7. change the blending to Overlay

8. make selection from the mask of the third layer, hold ctrl + left-click into the mask thumbnail in layers

9. add Hue/Saturation adjustment layer using this selection decrease hue and lightness, increase Saturation (this will dim the colors)

10. use the same selection and add color balance adjustment layer increase the amount of green (this will balance the color to green)

Finally we have the stonewall texture with watermarks and moss.

I used this texture and some of its modification for the stairs and the pedestal

HINT: Take 10 minutes and try to experiment with different blending options and layer adjustments to become familiar how they are working

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