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Making Of 'Arduous Path'

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Date Added: 16th November 2011
Software used:
I didn't start this piece with a sketch or a particularly clear idea. I'd just got this picture in my mind of a cross and the thought that I'd like to add in some kind of "surrealism", inspired by William Blake poetry and work by Kazimir Malevich. Then I saw a girl, walking somewhere in space or on a planet's surface, and the cross. I decided to start with the girl, to paint her in Photoshop and then create the environment with Maya and ZBrush.

In Photoshop I got a simple round brush and started painting a sketch with color (Fig.01 - 05). The image of a black girl began to appear.

Fig. 01
Fig. 02
Fig. 03

Fig. 04
Fig. 05

When I saw that the shape was developing well, I knew where I wanted to add more detail. To do this I created a custom brush, which is something I always do when I'm adding in detail. You can see the details of the brush in Fig.06 - 07. You can experiment with these settings to give a unique texture to each individual material.

Fig. 06
Fig. 07

Here's a really cool way to add real details to a material (Fig.08 - 09).

Fig. 08

Fig. 09

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Matt on Sat, 17 December 2011 9:01pm
Wow this is amazing and I really like how to used maya to create the background. It really gets you thinking of what can be done once you know enough about a program
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