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Detailing the wheel arch

Well, the front wheel arch is coming along but it's not detailed enough. More edge cuts are needed to add more detail to the arch. More guide lines are needed. Create the new lines in the positions shown by the red lines and then make cuts on the mesh corresponding to the guide lines.

Go into vertex mode and move the new vertices created by the new cuts until you have something like this:

Now we want to see what this will look like smoothed so we need to add a "Meshsmooth" modifier to this mesh. With the wheel arch mesh selected, go to the stack, click the "Modifier List" drop-down and select "Meshsmooth" from the list. The "Meshsmooth" modifier will be placed on top of the "Editable Mesh" modifier. Change the number of iterations to 2. The mesh will become smoother but more dense.

It looks good but it's not perfect so we must add more detail to the unsmoothed mesh. Go back to edge mode under "Editable Mesh" and cut the new edges shown in red.

Go into vertex mode and adjust the new vertices to round off the front wheel arch. The wheel arch is now finished for now. This is what you should have at this point:

Now we can move on to the the area around the front wheel arch.

Moving on to the front of the car

Ok, things are going to start moving faster now. go into edge mode and hold down ctrl and select the two top edges of the mesh and then hold down shift and drag them upwards in the direction of the arrows. Go into vertex mode and position the vertices as shown below in all the viewports.

Select the indicated two edges and s

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small images i dont need a lot of grid like that why dont you hide line of cubis (press J)
Thumpliketrump on Mon, 23 January 2012 7:30pm
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