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Gritty Pipelines

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Date Added: 6th May 2010
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Step 5

Things get just a little more tricky now. We need to make our pipes look three-dimensional, and if you don't have a very basic understanding of form this step might prove difficult for you. All I have done to get this result is put shadows and highlights onto my selections with either the Dodge, Burn, or Paintbrush tools. To built up this effect I use a soft feathered brush (round), click at one end of the pipe, hold down the shift key, and drag across to the other side. Holding down the shift key keeps your strokes in a straight line. To put it in a very basic way, keep the shadows on the outer edges of the pipes and the highlights on top. Make sure that your lightsource is uniform (meaning that each of your pipes should look similar because the "light" hits them in the same way).



Step 6

Right now our pipes are too smooth, they seem out of place on our gritty background. To fix this, I've pretty much repeated Step 3, but done it only on the pipes. To select your pipes by themselves, ctrl-click the layer that they are on. This way you can work within this area without overlapping.


Step 7

To get the wet, smeared effect under the pipes I scribbled some rough brushstrokes underneath the pipes (new layer) and ran a motion blur on them. For the best results, make sure that your strokes and your blur are going in the same direction. In other words, draw your lines up and down, then set the motion blur at the appropriate angle so that it smears your lines down farther - not left-to-right or diagonal. Fade the opacity down on this layer a bit so the effect isn't overbearing and the original background texture shows through a little.


Step 8

Last I heard, pipes didn't float so we need something to mount them to the wall. :) Using the same technique as mentioned in Step 4, make a vertical selection over the top of your pipes and fill it in. Unfortunately, there is no trick or quick fix to get something like this to look good - I've almost completely hand painted it. You can't really go wrong if you put shadows between the pipes and highlights on top. To make the mount look more attached to the pipelines, put a slight shadow beneath it. If all looks good, you should be done! Voila.


Step 9

I added this step just for fun. A good, complete texture set includes not only the "base" textures, but also the worn-down, slightly ornamented, or modified textures to go with them. How boring would that be to have a plain brick wall span on for a mile? Give yourself a little more to work with. Shattered bricks, spraypaint, lights, stains, etc. In this case, I'm added a gaping hole behind my mount... well, mainly because I want to play with the photo source (Image A). If you followed through this tutorial without any problems, you should be able to figure out how to do this by looking back over previous steps (or maybe without looking back!). What kind of teacher would I be if I walked you through every little thing repeatedly, huh? Now get to work and figure it out


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