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Joan Of Arc: Modeling of the Sword

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Date Added: 17th December 2009
Software used:
1309_tid_image01.jpeg 1309_tid_image02.gif 1309_tid_image03.jpeg 1309_tid_image06.gif

The sword is the occasion to show a new face of the polygonal subdivision on max 4.
The major part is devoted to modeling and towards the end you will see the new functions of Meshsmooth on max 4.

As usual, to aid the modelling we use a drawing of the sword.

To download the image here.

One starts with a cylinder with 8 sides, make a rotation of 22.5° on the vertical axis so you have a line of polygons staright on in view Front. Apply a Mesh EDit and XForm to initialize the position of the object after rotation. Collapse the stack.

1309_tid_image04.gif 1309_tid_image05.gif

Extrude the face top then select the new faces faces for a second extrusion (use local mode of Extrudes as with all Extrude of this tutorial).

Select the faces of the edge.

1309_tid_image07.gif 1309_tid_image08.jpeg 1309_tid_image09.gif

Apply a bend modifier. Choise the X axis and by modifying the angle deform the faces like above in the picture.

Select the central polygon and scale - non uniform on axis Y

1309_tid_image10b.jpeg 1309_tid_image10.gif

Extrude this polygon like opposite. Adjust the profile by scaling non uniform on X.

1309_tid_image11.gif 1309_tid_image12.gif

At the top, turn the edges and weld the vertex of the center to obtain the poly mesh as opposite.


Adjust the vertexes to finish the round-off. Select the vertexes of the center and scale non uniform to make the faces as shown

Select the faces as in the picture and then extrude followed by Bevel like opposite.

1309_tid_image17.gif 1309_tid_image18.gif

Adjust the vertexes like opposite by scaling non uniform on axis X and by Moveing on Y.

Select the faces of the center and apply Make Planar to make them plane.

(Button in bottom of the roll-out of Edit Geometry of Editable Mesh).


Extrude these faces and form the round-off with Bevel.

Insert a vertex as in the picture in the edge with Divide after having activated the 3d Snap in Midpoint mode (below).

1309_tid_image24.gif 1309_tid_image25.gif

Turn on make visible edges like above.

Adjust with a non uniform scale the vertexes top and center.


Apply Meshsmooth and as with the preceding sections, you can now adjust the low cage definition and view the high poly version. Once adjusted remove Meshsmooth and return to the low poly.

1309_tid_image32.gif 1309_tid_image33.gif

Select the handle's edges and then Chamfer.

Move the two new edges as shown on the right.

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