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Making Of 'Sebulba'

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Date Added: 22nd June 2009
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With all that iv covered and a little skill, that will come with practice you should be able to model most forms with boxmodelling. And this is what i ended up with just before i put on the meshsmooth. I should say that it takes time to learn and perfect these methods. Its took me 3 years and iv got so much more to learn..I just wish i was working in a company full of talented maxers who could learn me animation :)

One last thing before we smooth, we need to weld the 2 half's together. This is how i do it. As we stand we have one half of the model that is a polyobject and one that is an instance mirror..So we select the instanced half and convert it to an poly object ,and attach it the other half, Then go into boarder sub object mode and select the boarders of both half's then go into your meshtools and select convert to verts. Then convert the mesh to an edit mesh and go into vert sub object mode of the edit mesh, Now turn up your weld threshold but not to high and then hit weld.

And here is what he looks like with the meshsmooth slapped on him. I think he turned out quite nice for such a quick model. I should say that when you are modelling organic forms like a head of something its always best to try and get your edgeloop running in the directions were the muscles would flow this way you get a more natural look to the smooth and it helps when animating your models. I think ill model his goggles now :)



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