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Making Of 'Sebulba'

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Date Added: 22nd June 2009
Software used:

Right im now going to go through the method I use to build the dangly parts. I firstly select the 4 edges that make up the poly from were i want my dangly

The next stage is to hit the connect 1 tool from my quad menu giving me a poly within a poly now what Im aiming for is a round dangly part not a square one. so i need to do another few steps

I need to do another connect 1 giving me another poly. So now what i do is delete the edges iv just created leaving me the second poly intact but having extra verts. This is the master plan getting those extra verts.


Now what we do is access our quad menu an find our cspoly tools, theirs a tool called cs untangle which is another cool tool. all these tools hey :). No other program has so many tools to aid you in polymodelling. So when we hit untangle that's just what it does. If you use it on 4 sided poly that has had its verts moved making it non planar it will untangle and give you a fresh planar quad poly.but if you use it on a poly like ours that has extra verts it will average out the untangle command giving us whalla......

What is close enough for us to a circle all we need to do now is find that bevel tool and start extruding an bevelling down. When we use the meshsmooth it will smooth that realy nice for us.

As you can see its done the perfect job for what we wanted.


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