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Making Of 'Antonio'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Modeling the body was as simple as pressing the "E" button while following the picture in the background, nothing really complex. A few minor tweaks (and extrudes) for the tail and legs, once I had the loops right I started on the legs, once again, extruding.

As you can see in the wire view, the legs follow the same loops that come from the upper body. Just one leg was modelled and later duplicated/tweaked for avoiding the symmetrical look, and shape (rear legs are quite different from the front ones).

In the screenshot you can also see the UV mapping for the leg and hoof, at that time Blender didn't have the ability to make MultiUV's, today the texturing task would be so much easier!


Another WIP render, head and body are finally done. Let's put some clothing on this naked animal

Making the cloth was as easy as selecting a couple of vertices from the body, duplicating with Shift + D, scaling a little along the normals (with Alt + S), and "P" to separate into a new object, extruding down the borders and some tweaking on the edges. In the image below you can see the different steps before duplicating, when extruding, and how the final model looks.

Clean model, no textures.

There's not much to talk about texturing here, just one colour map, and a Blend texture for the FallOff effect (which is explained in this tutorial ( Always using Oren-Nayar as shader. Remember, Oren-Nayar is your friend! =)


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Al on Mon, 16 June 2014 1:09pm
howdy .... very nice tutorial .. kinda what I need, but not quite ... I am really new to D3 animation. I am wondering if you can assist with giving tutorial on perhaps like creating a simple unicorn with green background ? can we start with perhaps like an image perhaps and go from there so that I can follow with my own image ??? i will really appeciate it if you can. If I manage to get it finished, I will give it a credit link to your website :D thanks before hand kind regards al-lee
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