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Making Of 'Dead Twice'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
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More Details

At this point, let's add more details on the Skull. I usually prefer to create my own models, but for Dead Twice project I preferred to use a real model. You can choose which method to use: create your own models or search on the internet and then stylize them. Well, a short review: when we're working with mesh and meshsmooth modifier, it's important to use square faces, because Meshsmooth works better with it. The use of not square faces can come up with bad results! Ok, aware of this concept, I use it always when I find it necessary. Example: on my basic models I use square faces and I add on them more details. But on the second part you don't have to worry with the square faces although you have to be very conscious of it!
"If it looks good that's ok!" this is my slogan...But pay attention when you work in animation because the faces must be square. Find references for modeling. Look other people work because sometimes the meshes aren't perfect and that is very interesting. The secret is to know when the mistakes lead to good results!

Ok, let's go to the tutorial.

1. Disable the function "Use NURMS Subdivision" if it is enable on the previous step.

2. Hide the reference image and go to Panel Display, option Hide - mark "Hide Frozen Objects".

3. We're going to work on the eyebrow and we should make it looks malicious and angry as an odious look. So we have to add details on its physiognomy.

4. Hide the faces selected (Shift + h).

5. Edit the edges as image 057 or you can also edit in vertex mode too, Try to make it as much anger as possible .

6. Pay attention on image 058: there are some invisible edges, better fix them because on meshsmooth you will get bad results.

7. On the level Edge you must adjust the viewport to see the all over the face, click "Edit Triangulation", it will completely change the direction of the edge. Click on one Vertex and after on the other one to change the direction (the first click shows where the edge starts and the second shows where it ends the same edge)..

8. Now, try to create some cuts on the mesh above the eyebrows, make it near the
same edge (image 060).

9. Keep going with the cuts trying to obtain square faces always.


10. Select and pull the vertex as shown on the next image. See image 062 and note that there are some vertexes pulled already.

11. Bring the inferior vertexes forward (image 063).

12. Select the vertical edges as image 064 then click Connect (Shift + n). And after push it forward to the new edges.

13. Your own model should be similar to image 065.


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