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Bandsaw some details in and pull the points into the glove to make it look like the arm goes into the glove. Reason I didn't SS it in is because I didn't notice till afterwards the arm definately goes into the glove on some Blizzard screen shots.

K, another fun part.

Cut then Paste the to polys that I put a dot on. Then select the other polys above them that share the point and pull the point in the direction of the arrow with the Drag (ctrl t) tool. Delete the poly I have scribbled out.

Now make a cut on the dotted line. Bandsaw is easiest to explain, although there are other ways (split poly, knife, and more). Select the poly and use Bandsaw tool. If it doesn't cut the right direction undo and try even or odd in the bandsaw tool.

From there just make two polys out of the blank area. See the dotted lines in the next screen.

I think I explained it all in the last couple paragraphs. Go back and read them if you don't have it yet, and use this and the last picture as reference ;)

This is another one of those areas I'm trying to get good flow. As seen by my arrows in this picture.

Select his arm and rotate them out to the sides like that to get him ready for rigging and texturing.
Point the feet forward for now. After his is rigged they can be pointed back out, or where ever they need to be pointed.

The model must be trippled to be put in a game engine.

If you made it all the way to the end, congratulations!! I may be re-writing a couple parts of this some time to better explain the hard parts. You should end up with about 766 triangles. Questions E-mail me at [email protected].

Hope you had fun!

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Esa Niemi on Wed, 16 May 2012 3:35pm
Ty for a great tutorial m8
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