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Time for some smooth shifting. This time instead of pulling the geometry away from the surface we are going to slide it inwards along the surface and try to keep it generally the same level as the surrounding geometry. Smooth shift then tweak the polys with stretch and drag and move tools. Select the inner SS'd polys and stretch them all in at once placing the cursor in the side view and pulling from about the right edge of the solid circle inward.

Here we Smooth Shift in more detail for the eyes and nose...Well, and mouth area, too.

This is what I'm talking about when I say proper flow. Smooth Shift so that the edges go up and over the nose area and under the mouth.

Pull the nose out of the head and tweak tweak tweak. If you see parts of the model that need tweaked at any time, then fix them before you forget or it becomes to late.

Here we are defining the mouth area and where the lips are going to be coming from.

The last SS was going outside of the laugh lines. This one is inside, I'm not sure if it would matter if you just did 2 SS's from the outer edge instead of one from the outter then one from the inner.

Again, a backwards engineering problem. Tweak the eye area if needed and delete the polys I have crossed out in the side view. Also, similiar to the way you pulled in the eye area SS the mouth in.

Now that I think about it I think I may have selected all the polygons and Smooth Shifted them forward instead of selecting all the points around the head in order and Extending them backwards. It would probably be easier to select all polys and SS them at once instead of trying to select the points in a circular order.

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Esa Niemi on Wed, 16 May 2012 3:35pm
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